Notice: Models stop being produced

From:admin 2013-04-09


Date: April 9, 2013
Dear Customer,
We will stop producing the following models from today:
Candle light series: FYT-B3L1, FYT-B3L2
Spot light series: FYT-F5K, FYT-F6D
AR111: all models
Par30: all models
Par38: all models
We apologize for bringing the inconvenience to you. But please believe that is a hard decision for us, too.
For the customer who used to order FYT-F5K and FYT-F6D, we recommend you ordering upgraded version FYT-M5K and FYT-M6D.
If you find the faulty lamp of above models, the warranty is still available.
Thank you for your understanding and support on us!
Shenzhen FYT LED Co., Ltd.