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maintenance industrial light;

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Since we set foot on the LED lighting the road longitudinal, we will have a dream, let our product light up every corner of the world, and make It as far as possible to save energy, such as(Hockey stadium case): With a simple dimmer 0 to 10 v you can dim all 77 highbays. It works very well. The 60% energy saving and 80% more light!

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The No.1 Brand for Industrial LED Lighting.

FYT industrial lighting CLASSIFICATION

 We only complete one thing yesterday, today and tomorrow

——manufacturing Industrial Lighting Products, so as to complete it precisely, carefully, and superiorly. 

FYT LED comes from the first letter of Chinese company name Fei Ye Tai.

Chinese “Fei” in English: Flying high

Chinese “Ye” in English: Business

Chinese “Tai” in English: Safe and stable

So FYT LED is a high-speed developing and stable-reliable LED lighting manufacturer.

As the No.1 brand in LED industrial lighting, FYT LED leads the trend for the industry with its strong R&D ability and new products development;

FYT LED devotes itself on building excellent distributor network in over 180 countries worldwide with its strong sales ability and marketing system, welcome you join us!

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